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35°47'4"N - 005°47'6"W
Tarifa 19,7 miles; Gibraltar 35 milles;
Asilah 28 miles; Rabat 122 miles.

Word from the President

The Royal Yacht Club of Tangier, which is considered among the oldest at the international level and the first of its kind in the African continent, is in its last phase of transformation into a prestigious and powerful unit of water sports and yachting, all within the framework of the spectacular economic and touristic development of the northern region of the Kingdom.

The Royal Yacht Club of Tangier (RYCT) is a non-profit association which was founded in 1925 and thus forms part of the memory of Tangier. The club first aims at encouraging the teaching and the practice of water sports and sailing, developing the physical and moral qualities of its members as well as taking part in the official and friendly competitions organized on a local, regional, national and international scale.

The RYCT is equipped with a Club House which is in the course of being built inside the port of Tangier city and whose maritime plan (Marina) has a great reception capacity, and a school open to young amateurs of water sports and sailing, and all managed by highly trained and qualified monitors.

Within the framework of the future transformation of the current harbour of Tangier into a Marina, the RYCT, due to its geostrategic situation, supervision and mastered management, plays an important part in the economic, touristic and sporting development and advancement process of the city of Tangier.

Tahar Chaker

Adresse: B.P. 374 - Port de Tanger - Tanger
Tel: 0539 93 85 75   -   Fax: 0539 93 89 09