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35°47'4"N - 005°47'6"W
Tarifa 19,7 miles; Gibraltar 35 milles;
Asilah 28 miles; Rabat 122 miles.

The Royal Yacht Club of Tangier, “RYCT” is an association with a sporting character controlled by:

- The N°1-58-376 Dahir of the 3 Joumada I 1378 (November 15, 1958) regulating the association right, as it was modified and supplemented.

- The N°1.10.50 Dahir of the 13 Ramadan 1431 (August 24, 2010) bearing promulgation of the law N°30-90 relating to physical education and sports.

- Founded in 1925, this club is the oldest nautical club of Morocco, and indeed the unique factor of the development of sailor tourism in Tangier.

- Its headquarters are located in the harbour of Tangier-city, near the beautiful and golden sand beach of Tangier and will be integrated in the new reorganization of the port of Tangier.

- Its members come from several nationalities, thus reflecting the historical and international character of the city.

- The RYCT is affiliated with the Moroccan Royal Federation of Sailing, and adopts the payment of international Yacht Racing Union, and the special payments for certain classes of boats for the organization of sailing boats, controlled by the RCV-ISAF and ILCA 2013-2016 (series: Optimist - Laser4.7 - Radial Laser - Standard Laser).

- The management of the association is handled by another management committee composed of elected members and an administration department.

- Management of the rings: The RYCT lays out 180 rings for the owners (members) of sailing boats, with a secure and permanent mooring plan and a proper implementation of tariff contributions and service provisions.

- As far as entertainment is concerned, the RYCT organizes water sport and sailing races as well as sporting fishing outgoings, in partnership with foreign clubs such as SOTOGRANDE and EL CANDADO etc.

- Our athletes take part regularly in all sailing competitions and other national sport events organized by other nautical clubs of the kingdom.

- For the popularization of water sports and sailing, “A SEA SCHOOL“ , which is managed by professionals, has been created in order to provide a wide range of sailing, navigation, scuba diving and sport fishing courses.

Adresse: B.P. 374 - Port de Tanger - Tanger
Tel: 0539 93 85 75   -   Fax: 0539 93 89 09